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Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-forming Foam Extinguishing Agent
This product is made with AFFF as base material, added proper amount of alcohol resistance.
It is a kind of high efficient foam extinguishing agent with fine fluidity, high extinguishing speed, tight sealing and long-term storage.
Used to extinguish fires of oil material together with powder extinguishing agent, and use sub-surface injection to put out large area's fire of oil tank, and to put out fires of  polar solvents.
TUV Safety and Quality control.
Items Requirement
Item NO. NL 21
Resist freeze and melt performance No obvious divide layer or phase
PH Value 6-9.5
Sediment before Aging (%) ≤0.25
Sediment after Aging (%) ≤1
Fluidity Rate of flow exceeds that of reference liquid
Spreading Coefficient Positive Spreading
Foam Expansion 15-20℃ ≥5
25% Drainage Time 15-20℃ (min) ≥2.5
Fire-extinguishing Time (s) ≤3
Burn-back Time (min) ≥10
Extinguishing Time for Acetone (min) ≤3
Packaging Plastic barrels
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